60 Minute Health Check

  • Do you struggle managing your technology ?
  • Do you do Internet Banking on your computer or mobile ?
  • Do you have photos stored on your mobile or tablet ?
  • Do you struggle to manage your passwords ?
  • Do your computer programmes need updating?
  • Do you need help to keep in touch with family
  • Is your internet running slow?

There can be so many issues with technology that it can all become a bit overwhelming. So Straight Talk Technology is here to help.

Straight Talk Technology Services offers a “60 Minute Health Check” where we will sit down with you and check your devices, internet connections and troubleshoot current issues.

During this hour we can;

  • Review your device and photo backups
  • Help with your password management
  • Check Multi factor authentication for your accounts (and explain what that is)
  • Check critical updates for your computers and devices.
  • Troubleshoot other issues you may be having