Rates – Commercial

2024 Standard fee for Commercial IT Support 

  • Hourly rate = $120.00 per hour
  • For each attendance onsite (Bribie, Ningi and Sandstone point) =  minimum $60.00 including 1st half hour
  • For remote support minimum $30.00 including 1st 15 minutes.  
  • Further support in 15 minute increments (or part thereof) at $30.00.  
  • WordPress website management and maintenance are supported by monthly support plans rather than by hourly rate. Please contact us for more information
  • Payment can be made in Cash, Credit Card, PayID, or Bank Transfer using Osko immediate payments

Referrals Thank you

When you refer a new commercial customer to Straight Talk Technology Services we offer the following thank you for your support.

  • $30 discount to you per referral for my next visit/support issue with you. plus,   
  • $30 discount for my new customer from your referral, for the first visit/support issue. 

Therefore both you and the person whom you refer to me will receive the same “thank you’.